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Receive, store and automate form data as easy as 1,2,3...

Collecting HTML forms data can be hard. IISMailer makes it extremely easy.

If your site is hosted under Internet Information Server (IIS) or in an Azure Web App, just create a simple text file and you're done. With IISMailer you can receive a detailed email for every new form sent, email back to your visitors, keep all form data in private CSV files or automate the information using Webhooks. Use it with as many forms as you need, customizing the way each one is handled.

With a single setup in a small server you can create form endpoints for all your servers and apps. They don't need to be built with ASP.NET or Microsoft technologies. They can even be static websites. Just point any form to your .mailer endpoint to process and act on the information. No backend coding required.


Built for website developers: no templates, no silly editors... Just point your forms to simple, specially crafted .mailer files in your IIS/Azure server:

Processing your forms should be as easy as sending them

Hosting your site in Azure is free or inexpensive, why you should pay $20/month for form processing?

Just drop IISMailer in your site's /bin folder and you're done.

The component is less than 15KB in size and is optimized to work in Windows Server with IIS or in Azure Web Apps.

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Stop wasting time processing forms

Get a lifetime license to use IISMailer, and move on to get more important things done!

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Who is behind IISMailer?

My name is Jose Alarcon and I'm a Spain-based web developer, engineer and entrepreneur.

Microsoft Corporation has awarded me as Most Valuable Professional in IIS and ASP.NET technologies since 2004 every single year. Microsoft offers this award annually to a reduced number of outstanding professionals and technical experts selected among more than 90 countries and 90 technologies. You can check my MVP profile here.